26 May Sydney
28 May Brisbane
2 June Melbourne

Future thinking. Technology focused. Greenfield innovation. In the finance industry.

Bringing together innovators, leaders of tech and pushers of boundaries, the 2020 Adviser Innovation Summit will showcase how to implement transformative ideas and strategies in a challenging financial advice marketplace.




Andrew Braun

Head of Marketing

Andrew Braun is head of marketing at Netwealth. He has spent over 20 years working with digital technologies as a technician, strategist and marketer. He is passionate about how the internet and new technologies influence us, our relationships and how we do business.

More information can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewbraun/

Andrew Rutherford

Chief Operating Officer / Founding Partner
Koda Capital

Andrew is the COO and a Founding Partner of Koda Capital. Koda was established in 2014 as an independent full service provider of financial advice to Australia’s high net worth individuals and their families as well as the philanthropic organisations they support. Prior to Koda, Andrew was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs JBWere and prefers not to disclose that he worked at NAB after the bank acquired JBWere in 2009. Andrew lives in Sydney with his family.

Grant Hackett

Generation Life

Grant joined the Generation Development Group (GDG) Executive Team in September 2017 as General Manager of Distribution for Generation Life and later became CEO of GDG in October of 2018. In February 2020, Grant became CEO and Managing Director of Generation Life. Prior to joining GDG, Grant held many senior positions across marketing, distribution and wealth management for Westpac and BT Financial Group.

Grant’s qualifications include an Executive Masters of Business Administration with first class honours, a Diploma of Business Law and a Diploma of Financial Services.
Grant represented and captained Australia in Swimming and the Olympic Games collecting a total of 58 medals, with 26 gold at Olympic, Commonwealth and World Championships level along with 16 world records. Grant also received prestigious honours such as the Order of Australia Medal, Centenary Medal and Australian Sports Medal.

Jamie Engel


Jamie Engel is the founder of Neutopia.co, the leading online education platform to support the global transition to connected ways of learning for academic, corporate and forward-thinking organisations. Neutopia supports 21st-century learning and builds community by creating meaningful peer-to-peer engagement. It is powered by an AI based recommendation system similar to a ‘Spotify for knowledge.’
With a background in film, 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality, he specialises in designing innovative curricula and training programs that use storytelling techniques along with new technologies. He has designed programs for a range of higher education and corporate clients including Laureate Universities, BT Finance, Westfield, and Haworth Global. Jamie is exploring how augmented reality can be used to communicate complex systems information in interactive and immersive experiences through virtual simulations.

An inspiring keynote speaker and master educator, Jamie has mentored and partnered on projects that foster entrepreneurship, social enterprise, and leadership skills for young adults such as One Young World and Remarkable, Australia's first disability-focused accelerator.  He recently joined the Advisory Council for the Future Minds Accelerator chaired by David Gonski and sponsored by Rio Tinto. Jamie is committed to setting new standards in education by connecting upcoming leaders, sharing their wisdom and amplifying their impact.

Matt Heine

Joint Managing Director
Netwealth Group

Matt Heine was the fifth employee to join Netwealth in July 2001 – an ASX-listed financial services and technology company started by his family to service investors and the financial planning industry.

The Melbourne-based company was founded in 1999 and is now led by Matt and his father Michael as joint managing directors. With 18 + years of wealth management experience, Matt drives strategy, product, innovation and growth initiatives across the business in addition to overseeing sales, marketing, product and technical services.

Netwealth is not owned or aligned with any banks or other financial services groups and has become one of the fastest-growing wealth management businesses in Australia. It is rated No.1 for customer satisfaction and analysts continually rate their technology as best-in-class*.

Matt’s skills, knowledge and passion for the industry span many aspects including advice, superannuation, investment and IT, and he is a regular commentator and presenter on these topics.

Matt is passionate about improving the lives of Australians, specifically their financial education. He champions Netwealth’s partnership with Banqer – a virtual classroom economy where school children can learn to earn, save, spend and invest their money. He aims to create financial literacy and capability across the country and 8,500 students, ages between 8 and 12 currently use the program with a goal of 15,000 a year.

When he is not managing Netwealth, Matt spends time with his young family, which includes three children under 5. He is a keen skier, kite surfer, loves travelling and has a voracious appetite for all formats of digital media.
*Investment Trends

Melissa Meagher

Money mindset and success coach

Melissa has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, working previously as a financial planner, stockbroker and seminar delivery specialist.  Melissa has worked with a variety of different employers – from large financial institutions such as Sunsuper, Suncorp and Westpac to small boutique financial planning firms.

With a passion for finance and making a difference in people’s lives, Melissa was naturally drawn into financial planning.  But while working in the industry she realised there was a strong need to educate and coach people around managing their money.

Melissa consolidated all her knowledge around finances and her love of working with people and created her own Money Coaching business called Talking Money.

Talking Money is about changing people’s lives; by providing the tools, support and framework to empower them to have clarity, awareness and efficiency around their money.

Melissa creates a safe space to have a real conversation about money and is passionate about uncovering how our relationship with money impacts our motivations and behaviour every…single…day!

Melissa has spoken extensively as a Guest Speaker and has also been a contributor in numerous magazines and newspapers including Marie Claire Australia.

Melissa has been member of the Financial Planning Association since 1997.

Melissa hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Diploma of Financial Planning, and is a Certified Financial Planner (non-practicing).

Melissa likes to keep fit and healthy and enjoys spending time with her two children Olivia and Lachlan.  Good company, food and wine are essential!

Paul Barrett

AZ Next Generation Advisory

Paul established AZ NGA in 2015, after a stellar career as a senior executive at some of Australia’s largest banking and financial services institutions including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and ANZ Bank. He has over 20 years’ experience in wealth management. Originally from New Zealand, Paul graduated from Victoria University in Wellington with a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration, majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law. He came to Australia in 1998 and held roles with Connelly Temple, Rothschild Australia Asset Management and Fiducian Financial Services before being appointed General Manager of the CBA’s Financial Wisdom dealer group and later General Manager of Distribution for the bank’s wealth arm, Colonial First State. After seven years at the CBA, he joined ANZ Wealth Management, rising to Managing Director, Global Advice and Distribution. Paul is an unapologetic All Blacks supporter.

Simon Waller

International Keynote Speaker, Author and Founder
The Digital Champions Club

Some people talk about the future. Simon chooses to live it. He researches trends and emerging technologies, then runs experiments on himself, his business and sometimes his family. Armed with his first-hand experiences, Simon helps others implement the future and successfully navigate the risks, challenges and opportunities it brings.

Along the way, these experiences have also resulted in a couple of books: Analogosaurus: How to avoid extinction in a world of digital business is about how to engage people in the opportunities of technology and The Digital Champion: Connecting the dots between people, work and technology is both a practical guide to identifying and implementing technology opportunities.

Simon’s fresh, insightful keynotes reflect the same philosophy of continual experimentation and improvement that he brings to the rest of his life. Inspired by live music performances, Simon uses cutting edge video and sound mixing software to deliver an immersive visual and audio experience that reinforces what makes live events unique.


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This one day event, touring three states, will bring the leaders of industry to share their how they turned the impossible to possible, challenged the status quo using technology and leveraged cultural hot buttons to extend their offering.

This singular event combines inspirational insight with proven strategies to accelerate performance in the financial advice sector.


Learn about cutting-edge innovation and technology in finance and the world at large.

Gain valuable experiences through innovation and technology to attract and retain clients for life.

Understand changing customer expectations around advice and embrace new models of working.

Experience first-hand the latest in fintech and adviser solutions.


  • Technological innovation that continues to accelerate and captivate the world.
  • Innovation in research; the intricacies, advantages and myths around this form of investment.
  • How you can empower your clients to achieve their financial health goals with simple and effective strategies.
  • Virtual reality: Discover how your clients can visualise the impact of their investments.
  • How you can analyse your business from a technical perspective and evaluate what your business needs most.
  • The impact 5G will have on the industry and your practice.



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“A very well-run event with cutting-edge innovative and relevant information that you would struggle to unearth by yourself.”

“I have been to every one of the innovation summits... they stimulate my thinking and disturb me to a level that makes me execute real change in my business. It is a must if you wish to be relevant in today’s changing advice world.”

“Excellent thought-provoking sessions about implementing real innovation.”

“I was very impressed with the collective discussion among my peers where there seems to be a real cohesive belief we can innovate to make a difference in the face of all the bad publicity of late (RC, etc). The smart use of data is key in many industries, but I personally believe we can use it to a profound effect if done well.”

“You put together an informative, enjoyable day. Innovation is vital in any sector. Your combination of practical ideas with the overlay of bigger-picture thinking made this event a great investment of my time and money.”

“Innovative, concise, well worth attending!”