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Vorai Systems

Paul Dalby is a Director of two AI companies – Machine Learning and Visual Intelligence (that builds its own internal AI financial trading products) and Vorai Systems (an AI consulting business). He is also acting as the business development manager for the Australian Institute for Machine Learning at the University of Adelaide.

Paul is a highly qualified and accomplished executive consultant who has helped to facilitate over $250 million in funding for research, commercialisation and government programs. He has conducted strategic planning workshops for the Premier of South Australia, senior executives, research scientists, government agency staff and community organisations. He has prepared strategic plans for companies (up to $120 million turnover pa), major government initiatives (up to $250 million) and for community groups. Paul has project managed cross-disciplinary, cross-agency projects as well as taking on the role of director for the Goyder Institute for Water Research in South Australia. He has eight years of experience in delivering coaching and leadership training programs to over 100 scientists.