At Integrated, we take pride in achieving what others thought impossible.

As an independently owned and operated administration platform, with over $8 billion dollars of FUA, we’ve built a strong reputation around our determination to succeed, creating reliable and straightforward solutions that provide real value for our clients.
Integrated was designed by wealth management professionals, frustrated by the administrative workload that all wealth managers face when servicing their clients. It is a leading-edge platform designed to remove all client portfolio administration from the workload associated with servicing clients.

The complexities of dealing with numerous organisations to make the amalgamation between investment execution and portfolio administration are managed by Integrated to provide a seamless experience.

We support all types of wealth management businesses, from Family Offices to EAM’s, accountant’s, Private Banks and Financial Advice businesses. We understand different businesses have different needs and we retain the flexibility to tailor our platform to suit the specific needs of different organisations.

At Integrated, our aim is to simplify the complex.